Wes Urbaniak & The Mountain Folk
The Mountain Folk have been distilling Urbaniak's genre expressions into their more natural form so that the thump and the tempo fusions are so tight they snap. Yeah, some of that Conscious Folk and Beatboxing dissolved backward into the mix, too, so don't you worry your pretty little upright bass over it.

Over the past year, the group has begun to form a catchphrase while playing that audiences pick up on right away and love. After coming into a hard break, Urbaniak will lean over to the group and yell out, “Bluegrass it!”. From here, they play crazy fast, and that beautiful stomp comes full on. It's hard not to smile. It's hard, too, not to put those hands and feet to work.
Urbaniak has been touring the country for years, and now that the Mountain Folk has joined up, the group has been touring the nation with him sharing that Montana music they play. Plus, they've been playing all this music on custom Montana made instruments from Urbaniak's shop. Nothing quite like it anywhere, and no better place for it to have come from. https://www.facebook.com/wesurbaniakmusic/